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Thank you for putting your Trust in our company. We will we serve you the best we could. You can contact the person in charge for the area near you, this will speed up the process to find the right tutor for you.

Benefits of getting tutor from Trust Tuition:

More than 14 years experience

FREE eLearning account while public price is $49.90 monthly

Get Shopping Vouchers using your Trust points

Discounts from affliates partner

Wide range of tutors, MOE teachers, part-time tutors and full-time tutors.

20% discount for assessment books

Many satisfied customers and students

More than 10,000 teachers and tutors. Easy replacement.

More than 138 courses for you to choose from

Work according to your budget

Professional staff and Advanced system

How Does Trust Tuition Work?

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I represent Trust Tuition Singapore as a tuition coordinator.

Trust Tuition is dedicated to provide an enriching learning experience for our students by offering dedicated and experienced tutors with relevant educational qualifications. We methodically screen our tutors to ensure their credibility and commitment, and also train them with the latest know how and educational resources for effective teaching.

Established since 1993, we have proven track records that testify the effectiveness and success of our tuition placement and recruitment program that satisfy the needs of both tutors and students.

PROMOTION for September 2009
(Valid Only if you request for a tutor from me)

  • Popular $5 voucher if you request for a tutor; or
  • Receive $5 off your first month's tuition fee
How Does It Work?

1. Request for a Tutor by:
HP: 96535721

2. We match a suitable tutor to you & arrange for the first lesson

3. Tutor travels to your place and teaches the first lesson

4. Payment is to be made to Trust Tuition directly. We pay the tutor on your behalf.

All tutees under Trust Tuition Agency will receive the following privileges:
  • 20% discount off EPB books
  • Free online e-learning assessment and test, if you register tuition with us. Your account remains valid as long as you do not terminate the tuition/ request for a new tutor. This service is offered to the public (ie. people who have not engaged tutors) at $49.90.
  • A selection of tutors from a database of more than 10,000 tutors!
  • Earn trust points ($1 for 1 point) and redeem discount vouchers (NTUC, Popular, etc)
  • Payment procedures will be according to the company’s regulations
Registered Tuition Agency

Trust Tuition is a Ministry of Education Approved and Registered Tuition Agency. We have tutors ranging from School/NIE Trained Teachers, Full-Time Teachers, Undergraduates to A level students and part-time tutors teaching every level for ALL SUBJECTS from Primary School to Junior College.

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Contact Us For A Trust Tutor Today!

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Please fill up the following form below and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible with a suitable match.
Thank you!  Or contact me directly at 96535721/ :)

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